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Our Story

The Organic Sommelier is passionate about nature and wine. We have learned that many of the wines we love are organic or biodynamic wines, made by winemakers who have a passion for their craft and the environment.

We have been surprised and excited to discover how many winemakers now grow and produce in a responsible way, sometimes they don't even mention it on their label! From Bordeaux to Australia, winemakers are evolving.

Our new venture will bring  an ever changing and dynamic selection of organic and biodynamic wines from across the globe to consumers in the UK and we hope you will gain knowledge and pleasure from taking the journey with us. We have many experts from the wine industry share their knowledge and insight with all of us through articles and interviews that will throw more light on the continually changing world of wine.

What we love most of all is sharing the passion, the stories, and the culture of wine.

From vineyard to wine glass

Wine is one of the most celebrated and appreciated commodities around the world. As important as  varieties of wines, winegrowing estates, the commercial value and the biochemistry of wine is the cultural, social, and historical conditions through which wine is produced and represented. 

The Organic Sommelier considers all aspects before offering our customers a wide selection og=f the worlds best organic and bio-dynamic wines. 

We consider terroir; power and place; commodification and politics; and technology and nature.

Relationships that matter

Great relationships are key to The Organic Sommelier bringing wonderful wines to our customers. 

Listening to our customers and what you want from your provider of organic and bio-dynamic wines, but also important are our relationships with wineries, winemakers, and distributors to ensure great product and great service.

Always organic &

The effect of winemaking on the environment is close to our heart. The Organic Sommelier will source, exclusively, organic and bio-dynamic wines. From growing through fermentation we understand every step in our producer's process to ensure we deliver the finest wines for our customers, at a great price.

“Organic and Bio-dynamic wine is not a new invention, somehow it became a rarity, but is continually increasing in popularity, the UK market growing by 47% in 2020! It is still a small drop in a big ocean, but a healthier and more sustainable drop.”


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